We will show you how to change your router's IP address and turn off its DHCP Server function in order to have CUJO take over this function and start working in DHCP Server mode.

 Connect CUJO:

At this point your CUJO should have an Ethernet cable connected from its bottom port to an available LAN port on your router:


Activate CUJO's DHCP mode using the CUJO app:

Before turning off the DHCP Server function on your Router it's very important to let CUJO know it will be taking over as your network's DHCP Server.

If you see the manual setup instructions page on the CUJO app, this means that CUJO will start working in DHCP Server mode after it reboots.


Turn OFF the DHCP Server function on your Router:

Once CUJO is connected to your router and has been put into DHCP Server mode it is safe to turn off your router's DHCP Server function:

1) Login to your Bell Home Hub router using the link and credentials below:
Password: admin

2) In your router's home page, click on the icon next to "Router Settings".

3) Once in the "Router Settings" window, click on the "DHCP" tab.
Switch off DHCP.

Click OK to save the new settings.

4) Your router should reboot automatically after the new settings have been saved, if it does not, please do so manually by unplugging its power cable and plugging it back in.


5) Reboot CUJO in the same way.


Once both devices reboot, CUJO will start working as your network's DHCP Server and will be able to protect all your connected devices.