Here you will find information on how to turn your router into an Access Point or Switch

You have to change router to become an Access Point if you wish to connect it to CUJO in "Bridge mode". 

If these devices were left functioning as routers, CUJO will be unable to identify devices on your network, because router is going to hide them from the CUJO


Router as Access Point/Switch

Here is the list of instructions for each most popular brand/model: 


Router model Link to instructions
Apple AirPort instructions
Asus instructions
Eero instructions
Google WiFi instructions
Google onHub instructions
Linksys E-Series instructions
Linksys SmartWiFi instructions
Linksys Velop instructions
Netgear instructions
Portal WiFi instructions
TP-Link Archer Series instructions
TP-Link TL Series instructions
Ubiquiti AmpliFi instructions