We will show you how to turn AmpliFi Router into "Bridge".

You have to change this router to become an "Bridge" if you need to connect it to CUJO in "Bridge mode".


To connect in Bridge mode you will need to have an additional router with DHCP server enabled. This is usually your ISP’s (internet service provider) router/modem combo box. We will call it source router.

Before continuing make sure:

  1. DHCP server is enabled in source router

  2. DHCP server is disabled and not running in CUJO (if not set otherwise default setting is DHCP off)

First you have to open your AmpliFi mobile app and set it to bridge mode:

  1. In AmpliFi app open "Overview" screen and select "AmpliFy" router icon

  1. In "SETTINGS" section select "Internet"

  1. Scroll down, find "ROUTER MODE" section and select "Bridge Mode". To save changes press check button in top right corner.


Now your AmpliFi will function in "Bridge mode".

It’s time to connect your CUJO device:

  1. Disconnect your AmpliFi from source router

  2. Connect your CUJO bottom port with source router and any of the LAN ports using the ethernet cable.

  3. Connect your CUJO top port with any available AmpliFi port.

  4. Plug in the power cord to your CUJO device.

Once CUJO starts, it will protect your network.