We will show you how to apply a special configuration to your Starry router's DHCP server for CUJO to be able to override this functionality and act as a DHCP Server in your network. Starry is a special router that does not allow you to turn off the DHCP server, therefore we will use this workaround.

By doing so CUJO will be able to monitor all your network traffic and protect you from any Hackers and Intrusions.

You will need to make the changes as set out below, in the DHCP Settings of your Starry router if you wish to connect it to CUJO in "DHCP mode".

Setup CUJO as DHCP server and disable DHCP server on the Starry

1) Open Starry app and go to "Settings".

2) From Settings menu on Starry app choose "Advanced".

3) First will change Starry router's IP. On "Advanced Settings" choose "LAN and DHCP"

4) Change "LAN IP Address" to and change "IP Pool" start and end accordingly. After you save settings, router will reboot.

5) Need to set IP reservation for CUJO. After router connects after reboot, go "Advanced settings" (as shown on step 3) ) and choose "DHCP reservation".

In "DHCP reservation" press "Create New" button

6) Choose "cujo" from online device list and to create a reservation for CUJO press "Save" button. Before you do that, please remember IP address of CUJO, we will use it during next step.

7) Finally, limit the DHCP range. Go "Advanced settings" (as shown on step 3) ) and choose "LAN and DHCP" again. Fill out both "IP Pool Start" and "IP Pool End" fields with CUJO's IP address (from step 6) ) and "Save" settingsĀ 

8) Reboot CUJO (unplug power from CUJO and plug it back in).

Once both devices reboot, CUJO will start protecting all your network devices connected to Starry router.