In this guide we will show you how to configure advanced DHCP settings and Static IP Addresses in your CUJO's settings.

To navigate to the relevant menu select the "More" button in the bottom right corner and then select the CUJO you'd like to configure:

Afterwards, you will be brought to a menu that allows you to Turn the Eyes ON and OFF, Shows you the Firmware version and lets you configure Advanced DHCP Settings and set Static IP addresses.

If you select "Advanced DHCP Settings" you will be brought to this menu. Here you can change Cujo's Gateway IP address, Subnet Mask, the starting and ending IP addresses in CUJO's DHCP Server Pool as well as the DNS servers that CUJO uses. If you have a relatively simple home network the default settings here should work just fine, these are only needed for advanced setups or to help with connectivity issues. It's important to note that CUJO's Gateway IP address cannot match that of your router and the DNS Server values will be set according to what your router is using. 

As for the Static IP Address settings, it's a simple matter of toggling the IP Address so Static or Dynamic. When the toggle button is activated you will be able to select the address that you would like to CUJO to assign to that particular device in the future indefinitely. It's recommended to choose the same IP address that the device currently has if possible when doing this. You may need to set Static IP Addresses for devices if you are configuring Port Forwarding or troubleshooting connectivity problems.