We will show you how to apply a special configuration to your Apple AirPort Router's DHCP Server for CUJO to be able to override this functionality and act as a DHCP Server in your network.

By doing so CUJO will be able to monitor all your network traffic and protect you from any Hackers and Intrusions.

You will need to make the changes as set out below, in the DHCP Settings of your Apple Router if you wish to connect it to CUJO in "DHCP mode".

You will need the Airpot Utility application to configure the necessary changes on your Apple Router; you can download it from this link for Windows or Apple Operating Systems: https://support.apple.com/downloads/airport

The easiest way to find it on your Apple computer is to press the Command+Space button combination and type in "Airport Utility". Once it shows, hit "Enter" on your keyboard:


To setup CUJO in DHCP mode with an Apple AirPort Router follow below steps;

1. In AirPort Utility click on your AirPort device to show information and click “Edit” button.

2. Open “Network” tab and click “Network Options” button as shown below;

3. Change DHCP server range: to 4 and click "Save"

4. Under DHCP Reservations add two IP reservations using a "+" button

5. First empty reservation. Fill information exactly as shown in the picture below.

6. Second empty reservation. Fill information exactly as shown in the picture below.

7. At this point, your CUJO has to be plugged in using a direct connection as shown in below diagram;

8. Before you permanently save changes to your router, you have to enable DHCP server on your CUJO. To do that, do the following;

8.1. Open your CUJO app.
8.2. Go to menu and choose menu option “Settings”.
8.3. Tap on your CUJO device from the list.
8.4. Change mode by tapping on DHCP. 

If you see manual setup instruction page on the CUJO app, that means your DHCP server was activated on your CUJO device.

9. If your Apple AirPort router configuration looks like this, save changes by pressing "Update" button

10. Your router starts rebooting. Please reboot your CUJO device (unplug power from CUJO and plug it back).

Once both CUJO and your Apple router reboot, CUJO will start protecting your network and all devices connected to your Apple AirPort router.