We will show you how to turn ASUS Wireless Router into an Access Point.

You have to change this router to become an Access Point if you need to connect it to CUJO in "Bridge mode".


Router as Access Point:

At this point don't connect your CUJO to your Network yet, and follow below steps:


1) Login to your ASUS Router by using below link and credentials:


Username: admin

Password: admin


2) Navigate to "Advanced Settings" -> "Administration" -> "Operation Mode".

Click on the "Access Point (AP) mode" and click "Save" button as shown below;

Now your ASUS router is acting as Access Point.


Connect CUJO;

At this point you could connect CUJO between your ISP Router and your Access Point;

  • Connect CUJO's bottom Ethernet port to your ISP Router which provides DHCP server and serves as Internet source.
  • Connect CUJO's top Ethernet port to any WAN port of your ASUS Router acting as an Access Point.

If you did everything right as described above, your CUJO will be up and running and will start protecting your Network