CUJO device is compatible with any router or any other device unless listed in the exceptions table below:

Device / Provider DHCP mode Bridge mode
Regular router *
(tested with Arris, Asus, Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Ubiquity, Tp-Link and many more)
YES (instructions) YES (instructions)
Apple AirPort YES (instructions) YES (instructions)
Eero (mesh network) YES (instructions) ***YES (instructions)
EnGenius EnMesh (mesh network) YES (instructions) YES (instructions)
Ubiquiti UniFi YES (instructions) YES
Netgear Orbi (mesh network) YES (instructions) YES (instructions)
Linksys Velop (mesh network) YES (instructions) YES (instructions)
Asus Lyra (mesh network) YES (instructions) no    
Starry Station YES (instructions) no    
         COMPATIBLE Internet Service Providers 
(please check incompatible or compatibility restricted router models)
AT&T Uverse YES (instructions) **YES
BT Home Hub YES (instructions) **YES
Comcast Xfinity YES (instructions) **YES
Frontier YES **YES
Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) YES **YES
Verizon YES **YES
All others YES **YES
         COMPATIBLE only with 
additional switch/access point/router and CUJO in Bridge mode
Google OnHub Yes (instructions)
***YES (instructions)
Google Wifi no ***YES (instructions)
Norton Core no **YES
Plume Wifi (mesh network) no     YES (instructions)
Portal WiFi (mesh network) no **YES (instructions)
Ubiquiti AmpliFi (mesh network) no     YES (instructions)
AT&T NVG510 no **YES
Huawei B310s, B683 no **YES
Technicolor TC8717, TC8715 no **YES
Modem (without DHCP server) no no
Luma (mesh network) no no
Tp-Link Deco M5 (mesh network) no no

* We have tested CUJO's compatibility with the most popular routers from 2WIRE, Actiontec, Arris,  Asus, Buffalo, Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Ubiquity and many more. If you are having trouble connecting your device please let us help you and contact our support team by or 1-844-GET-CUJO.

** In order to run CUJO in Bridge mode you need an additional device: access point, switch or another router. For more information please visit page

*** Routers in "Bridge mode", "Access Point mode" or with DHCP disabled may lose some advanced features. Please see your router's documentation for more information.

*** Unlike the Eero, Google Wifi routers do not support mesh networks when in bridge mode. If you have multiple Google routers and you are running a mesh network, CUJO will not work.

*** While CUJO works with the Eero in bridge mode (including the Eero mesh network), you will lose several Eero features if you switch it to bridge mode. The most popular of those features is parental controls, which CUJO also offers.